Sunday, September 6, 2015

Closing Down.

So I had originally started this blog to keep up on things my husband and I were doing on Okinawa (we've since moved to Spain), but I haven't been great about updating it. Given my schedule these days, I don't see that changing any time soon, so at least for now, I'm going to call time on Adventures in Navy Wifing.

Writing-related updates will still be posted on my professional blog, which I am to neglect a bit less in the future now that my workload is under some semblance of control. I'm also on Twitter as @GallagherWitt, and information about new and upcoming releases can be found on my website.

I won't be deactivating/deleting this blog, as I may revive it later.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What happened when my husband left his Legos unsupervised.

 My husband is an avid Lego collector.

 He's also away at the moment.

That's a nice collection of Legos you have there, Eddie.

Would be a shame if something were to...

...happen to them.

"What the hell? Where are we?"
"Hello, Legos. Wanna play a game?"
"Uh, no."
"TOO BAD. The rules are simple - you're all stuck. Do whatever it takes to get yourself free, get to the phone, and call for help. The other two....GET TAKEN APART."

"Screw this! We'll work together. I think I can reach it with the hose!"


"Ah hell. There's only one way out of this, isn't there?"
"You're not gonna..."
"Yep. Time to take myself apart enough to get free!"

And he's still gone for ten more days.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Releases From Kindle Alexander and Lauren Gallagher!

 So it would seem that Kindle Alexander and I are release date buddies this week!

Their M/M contemporary, Secret, and my kinky bisexual menage, Kneel, Mr. President, are both available!

Secret is available here:
Amazon and Kobo

Kneel, Mr. President is available here:
Amazon * Samhain * AllRomance * Barnes & Noble

But what are they about??

Here's the blurb for Secret:

Tristan Wilder, self-made millionaire and devastatingly handsome CEO of Wilder-Nation is on the verge of a very lucrative buyout. With tough negotiations ahead, he's armed with his acquisition pitch, ready to launch the deal of a lifetime. There’s just one glitch. The last thing he expects is to fall for the hot business owner he's trying to sway.
Dylan Reeves, computer science engineer and founder of the very successful social media site, Secret, is faced with a life-altering decision. A devoted family man with three kids and a wife, Dylan has been living a secret for years. Fiercely loyal to his convictions, his boundaries blur after meeting the striking owner of the corporation interested in acquiring his company. For the first time in his life, reckless desire consumes him when the gorgeous computer mogul makes an offer he can't refuse.

And here's the blurb for Kneel, Mr. President:
Sworn to have their lover’s back, front, or any other side that needs covering.

Secret Service agent Kent Sinclair, head of POTUS security, thought himself prepared for every contingency. Until the First Lady—a woman who barely tolerates his presence—approaches him with a request that startles the hell out of him.
Carlene Broderick is frightened. With the weight of the country and impending war on his shoulders, her husband, James, is buckling under the strain. The key to helping him cope is the name he calls out in his sleep—and it’s not hers. It belongs to his fellow ex-SEAL team buddy. His ex-lover. Kent.

Without hesitation, Kent plunges into treacherous emotional territory, only to realize it’s not really him that James needs. The Commander in Chief needs to give up complete control in the bedroom.

To relieve that much pressure, Kent and Carlene must work together and declare a truce that rapidly heats up into something more. Something that leaves James caught deep in forbidden territory—torn between his beloved wife and the man he’s never stopped loving.

Warning: Contains three forty-somethings discovering whole new sides of themselves, a rejuvenated marriage, and plenty of kinky fun. All brought to you by an ex-SEAL in a wetsuit, a bisexual President, and a First Lady with a tattoo on her ass.

Check 'em out, y'all!

Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm back, y'all!

As I mentioned a few months ago, I had to go dark for a while on my blog while I dealt with the joy and fun of moving from Nebraska to Spain. Relocating from that godforsaken place to Spain is awesome. That actual logistics? Holy Ned. Talk about a royal pain.

In the interim, though, I was able to spend a few months with my family in Seattle, as well as enjoy a visit from Aleksandr Voinov, who had never been to Seattle. We even took a trip out to Bluewater Bay (or where it would be if it existed), and we plotted and schemed some new books for 2015 and beyond. As you do.

Finally, though, after a few months, a few thousand miles, a lot of headaches, a road trip, and three plane rides... I'm here!  And I'm working again! The cats made it safely, my husband found us a lovely house in Sanlucar de Barrameda, and we have the most hilariously stupid beater car, with which we're slowly beginning to explore Spain.

Behold, the hoopty ride, the hubby, and the house:

This is the house as viewed from the backyard:

Yep, it's got a pool. Tubby is intrigued.

Midget finds the pool suspicious, but she's loving the sunshine.

In between taking their spoiled little highnesses outside (seriously, they want out, like, every five seconds), I am of course writing again. I was writing during the move, but maintaining a regular schedule was practically impossible. Now, I'm back in my groove and back on schedule.

Though I'm definitely back to work, I'm trying to curtail my workaholic habits, since those resulted in the burnout that led to my immune system collapsing last summer. Fortunately, I'm in a great place to balance work and play, since there is SO MUCH TO SEE here. Naturally, I must take time off at regular intervals, right?

Because I'm surrounded by  things like monasteries....
....and abandoned sugar factories that have been taken over by nesting storks.

We're planning to visit Gibraltar and Sevilla soon, and we'll be taking a short trip to Madrid right before RT in May. So, expect a lot of pictures.

But yes, as I said, I'm back to work. So what's coming up in the next few months?

Because of my slowdown in late 2014 (moving + the lung demon), there won't be quite as many books out in the first half of 2015. Rest assured, there are more coming.

L.A. Witt will be fairly quiet for a few months, aside from re-releasing Wireless this spring.  Never fear -- there is a ton in the works! Aleksandr Voinov and I are both hard at work on additional Dark Soul books -- he's writing Franco's story while I'm finishing up the sequel to Dark Soul. Aleks and I are also working on the next Market Garden book -- Rolex's story, of course! -- as well as the World War II historical that we so need to finish and a sequel to Hostile Ground.

 On my own, I've also got another erotic Mafia book in the works, which I plan to release toward the end of summer. This fall, look for an erotic menage, What He Left Behind, coming from Samhain, and a not-yet-titled Bluewater Bay story from Riptide Publishing. Will there be others? Quite possibly.

Lauren Gallagher will actually have some releases this year. In April, The Saint's Wifea hetero contemporary romance, will be available from Samhain Publishing, followed in July by Kneel, Mr. President, a kinky bisexual menage, also from Samhain. Expect two more releases from Lauren before the end of 2015, plus a re-release of an older title.

And my two three new pen names will have releases this year!  Lori A. Witt's space opera, The Tide of War, comes out in June, followed by Ann Gallagher's gay Christian romance, Lead Me Not, in August, both from Riptide Publishing. My first horror novel, And All That You Hold Dear, should be out right around Halloween under the name Diana Fyre.

So yeah, it's gonna be a little light in the release department for a short while, but I'm catching up!

Now, back to work.

As soon as I let the little monsters outside


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: Starstruck and Precious Metals

Now that I'm more or less settled into Seattle, I can actually catch up a bit! I had one book out last week, and one comes out today.

First up, today's release: the first book in the new multi-author Bluewater Bay series, STARSTRUCKavailable from Riptide Publishing. Available on AmazonAllRomance, and Barnes & Noble.

Hollywood is full of dirty secrets, but Carter refuses to be Levi’s.
Retired action star Levi Pritchard has made a quiet life for himself in the sleepy logging town of Bluewater Bay, Washington. But then Hollywood comes to film the wildly popular television series Wolf’s Landing, and Bluewater Bay isn’t so sleepy anymore. His retirement doesn’t stick, either, because he’s offered a part on the show—exactly the kind of complex role he’d always wanted, one that would prove him more than a glorified stuntman. The only catch? He has to stay in the closet—no matter how attractive he finds his co-star.
Carter Samuels is the critically-acclaimed male lead on Wolf’s Landing. And now, the man who inspired him to take up acting—and made him realize he’s gay—is joining the cast, and sparks fly between them instantly. But Carter is out and proud and determined to stay true to himself.
Remaining just friends is the only thing to do, as both the studio and Levi’s disapproving, dysfunctional family remind them daily. Except their friendship deepens by the day, tempting them with what they can’t have but both desperately need.

And last week's release, also from Riptide Publishing, is PRECIOUS METALS, a steampunk story set in the Klondike Gold Rush like Noble Metals. It's available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and AllRomance.

For Constable Paul Benson of the North-West Mounted Police, monotony is a blessing. As a provision inspector below the Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike Gold Rush, he’s seen miserable conditions and gold fever turn civilized prospectors into madmen.
Joseph Starling is on his way to the Klondike to find the men who savagely beat him, murdered his eldest brother, and stole their mining machine. They’ll kill his youngest brother if Joseph doesn’t operate the machine for them—it won’t work without him. With time running out, Joseph must purchase an expensive ticket aboard a crash-prone airship. But the station is miles away through dangerous terrain.
Under orders, Paul grudgingly escorts Joseph, but quickly finds himself intrigued by the young man. As they make their way toward Juneau, it’s not just the need for warmth that drives them closer together. But neither man can draw an easy breath until they make it to the gold fields . . . and there’s no guarantee that Joseph’s brother will still be alive when they do.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

General updates...

Remember in January when I said I'd be blogging a lot more this year?


About that.

Anyway, this year has been kind of a bust for a lot of things, mostly because I've been facedown in deadlines since like 1922, went through an awesome period of massive burnout, and also did a bunch of traveling. It's been a chaotic year!

And it's going to stay chaotic for a little while, so updates will likely continue to be sparse until we're finished moving. So, I figured I'd do another general updates blog, and I'll try my level best to actually have some interesting posts over the next few months. Just...bear with me until February or so.

So let's start with the move... I'm moving to Spain! While this is, of course, incredibly exciting (especially since it means getting out of Nebraskastan), it's also a challenging process. Fortunately, my husband and I have this down to a science, and we're already making headway with staging household goods to be either moved to Spain or sent to storage. Or thrown away. It's amazing how much useless clutter two people can accumulate in twelve years.

The plan right now is for me to drive to Seattle in early November with our cats. Meanwhile, Eddie will get the house squared away, and then he'll join me in December. Then he'll continue on to Spain in mid-January, and I'll follow at the end of January. Trust me, it makes sense. (Also, if anyone happens to know anything about obtaining work visas for American citizens employed by other American citizens while living in Spain, please let me know...)

During this lengthy period of migration, I will still be working... especially when Aleksandr Voinov comes to visit!  Yes, you read that right. Aleks will be flying to Seattle, and we'll be doing some touristy stuff in between writing. Also, if you're in the Seattle area, keep an eye on this page for information about an event on December 5th!

Speaking of writing with Aleks, there's the small matter of the contest for Rolex's name. Because the universe apparently has a mean sense of humor, real-life has, to say the least, interfered with our ability to co-write. As such, Rolex and his still-not-yet-determined name had to park on the back burner for a little while. But rest assured, he will have a name! And he will have a story!

Aleks and I have a number of projects in the works right now, and we're hoping to make solid headway on a few of them while he's in town. Our second World War II book has been on hold for over a year, and we're both chomping at the bit to wrap that one up. There are a few Market Garden books that have been demanding attention. And we've got at least one book that desperately needs a sequel. Which reminds me, I need to get in touch with the state penitentiary and book a tour...

Moving on.

As my workload winds down after the last chaotic year or so, I can finally work with my other oft-neglected co-authors. Cat Grant and I are in the homestretch on a new book called Hardcore Ink. Marie Sexton and I are plotting a sequel to Roped In (hang tight, Jackson fans! His story is in the works!). I have two other books in-progress with other authors, and another person I plan to start working with soon, but I'll announce names/titles once we're further into the books.

Let's see, what else...

Upcoming releases!

August and September were relatively quiet, but...

(All are L.A. Witt titles unless otherwise noted)

And there's plenty more to come in 2015!

Also, Starstruck is the first in the new multi-author series, Bluewater Bay. If you enjoyed Tucker Springs, this series is going to be right up your alley. Check out the Bluewater Bay page for more info, including links to the other titles available for pre-order! (Lone Wolf is also part of this series, and should be up for pre-order soon!)

Which brings us into 2015...

In mid-2015, two new pen names will be debuting. Lori A. Witt will be writing more mainstream science fiction and fantasy, with the first release, Tide of War, due out in June, followed by the Mythos series (dates to be announced). I'll also be writing as Ann Gallagher. Ann's books will be sweeter romances, including an inspirational romance, Lead Me Not, due out in August.

That pretty much wraps it up. I'm hard at work on several things right now, and there's some cool stuff in the offing for the first half of 2015, but I'll announce those once a few more ducks are in a few more rows. 

Also, since I will be living overseas for the next few years, my US conventions will be a little limited. I plan to attend RT and hopefully GRL, but don't have plans for other cons at this time. I will, however, be at the UK Meet in Bristol. 

And now, back to sorting through my library to determine which books come to Spain with me and which go to storage. I swear it's like choosing between kittens...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: General Misconduct

General Misconduct is now available from Samhain Publishing! Note that while this is a sequel/spinoff to Conduct Unbecoming, it can be read as a standalone. Currently available from SamhainAmazon, and Barnes & Noble. I'll add additional links to my website as they go live.

Ensign Aiden Lange is taking a hike—and it’s not for the pleasure of seeing Okinawa’s Hiji Falls. It’s in the hope that claiming he took a fall on the rocks will cover up the fact he was beaten up in a gay bar. Not a place a Naval Academy grad wants to get caught, not if he’s serious about his career.
At the end of the trail, a surprise comes with the scenery. A gorgeous young guy in swim trunks.
Connor didn’t come up to the falls to find a man, but he’s instantly intrigued by the ensign with the bandaged eyebrow. A hike turns into dinner, and before he knows it, he’s up to his heart in love with the gentle, infinitely patient Aiden.
It’s a small world, though, and an even smaller island. It’s only a matter of time before they’re caught by a man who’s more than just Connor’s overprotective father. He’s also Aiden’s high-ranking boss. Someone with the power to force Aiden to choose—Connor, or his naval career.
Warning: Contains two adorable guys who don’t give a damn that the deck’s stacked against them, plenty of sex on the beach, and the hottest application of sunscreen you’ve ever read.

Monday, May 12, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: Hostile Ground

Hostile Ground, a suspense novel written with Aleksandr Voinov, is now available from Riptide Publishing!  Also available on AllRomanceAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

After the deaths of three undercover cops investigating a drug ring in a seedy strip club in Seattle, Detective Mahir Hussain has been sent to finish the job. He joins the club’s security team in the hopes of finding enough evidence to bust the operation before the men in charge find a reason to put him in a shallow grave.

To protect the strippers, only gay men can work the club. Ridley, the cold and intimidating head of security, knows exactly how to test potential new hires—including Mahir. From the minute they meet, Mahir and Ridley engage in a dangerous dance of sex and mind games. Mahir needs to find his evidence before Ridley figures out he’s a cop—and before they both grow too close to betray one another.

As the game goes on, Mahir burrows deeper into the operation, where he learns there’s much more happening than meets the eye . . . and why every cop who made it this far has been silenced with a bullet.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

So what's going on with Wilde's (aka The Distance Between Us)?

On Tuesday, the newest Wilde's story, No Distance Left to Run, will be released. I've had a few questions recently about how this book fits with the others in the series, what's going on with the series, etc., so I wanted to take this opportunity to answer them.

The Wilde's series, which is generally called The Distance Between Us series because it all started with the book by that title that was supposed to be a standalone but then... wasn't. A.J.'s Angel came along after that, and Kieran made a little cameo. And then he got his own story in The Closer You Get. And then recurring side character Dale got his own story in Meet Me in the Middle.  So as you can see, it kind of took on a life of its own.

Basically, the series has evolved into something not unlike Tucker Springs. They're all set in the same world (specifically in Seattle, with the night club Wilde's featuring heavily), and sometimes characters cross over into each other's stories, but aren't necessarily related outside of the night club. Wilde's actually made its first appearance in the standalone book, The Best Man, and I guess I was kind of attached to the place, so I keep going back to it. (What can I say? They have awesome Kamikazes...)

Which brings us to No Distance Left to Run, the first co-written Wilde's story, having been written with the other half of my brain, Aleksandr Voinov.

This book does have some cameos by previous characters. Liam is still the shift manager. Kieran is still tending bar. But Chris and Julien? They're new characters entirely. No Distance Left to Run is a standalone (though it will have a sequel), it just takes place in the Wilde's universe.

Will there be more? It's hard to say. Like I said, I keep gravitating back to Wilde's, and now that my co-author extraordinaire has joined me there, it's a safe bet that we'll revisit the place together.

Hopefully I didn't just make it even more confusing. LOL  I hope Wilde's fans will enjoy this newest installment and the new set of characters... and stay tuned for news about the sequel!

No Distance Left to Run is available May 13th from Samhain Publishing.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: It's Complicated (Tucker Springs 7)

The seventh book in the multi-author Tucker Springs series, It's Complicated, is now available from Riptide Publishing, as well as AmazonBarnes & Noble, and AllRomance.

After their umpteenth breakup, Brad Sweeney and Jeff Hayden are living apart and starting over from scratch. The morning after a promising first date, they’re more optimistic than ever that they can make it work this time . . . until Jeff’s ex-wife and business partner calls to announce she’s pregnant with Jeff’s baby. Brad’s already competing with a demanding business for Jeff’s time. Now there’s a baby on the way, and worse, he’s afraid Jeff is still carrying a torch for the woman who’s carrying his child.

Jeff is desperately trying to keep his life together, but before he can even get his head around the news that he’s going to be a father, his ex announces that she wants to leave Tucker Springs. Now he either has to take over her role at the shop while ferrying the baby back and forth from Denver, or move the business—and himself—with her.

Brad and Jeff knew reconciliation wouldn’t be easy, but they’re rapidly running out of room for compromise. And sooner or later, something has to give.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: Roped In (written with Marie Sexton)

So Marie Sexton and I have joined forces, and the result is a kinky little contemporary cowboy novella called Roped In. The book is available now from Amber Allure, and will be on sites such as Amazon and AllRomance soon. 

Graham and his roping partner Jackson have ruled the rodeo scene for ten years running, but lately, Graham’s heart isn’t in the game. He’s tired of the bruises, the cowboy mentality, and the animal rights activists who picket every event. And then there’s Jackson. 
Graham and Jackson have been friends since they were boys. But ever since their drunken sexual encounter the year before, things have been awkward. Graham’s accepted that he might be gay, but no matter how attracted he is to other men, he always panics and runs when the clothes start to come off. 
Then Graham has a run-in with one of the rodeo protesters, and everything changes. Kaz is young, idealistic, and sexy as hell. And Kaz has an idea for getting Graham past his nerves and into bed. 
All they need is a bit of rope.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

NEW RELEASES: If It Drives, Guarded, and For The Living

It's been a busy week -- three new titles launched! I didn't want to do a post for each release because that would just clutter everything up, so I've rounded them up for a single post.

Cat Grant and I are pleased to announce the release of our kinky rock star novel, Guarded, available on AmazonAllRomanceBarnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.

 On the surface, rock star Jordan Kane has it all. No Rules is burning up the charts and headlining a world tour. His bodyguard doubles as his hot, kinky boyfriend who knows just how to push all his buttons. But behind the scenes, he’s suffocating. 
Jase never imagined he’d have a shot at bedding the larger than life rock star, never mind dominating him, but now he’s worried he’s in over his head. Jordan’s kinks run deep, dark, and sometimes dangerous, putting Jase’s desires to both pleasure and protect him at odds. 
They might have a fighting chance at finding the safe, happy medium between what Jordan needs and what Jase is willing to give, but there’s one problem: Daniel, Jordan’s childhood best friend, the band’s talented guitarist—and the volatile, hard-partying drug addict. Jordan is determined to save Daniel from himself, but Jase has been there, done that, and desperately wants to protect Jordan from the inevitable heartache of watching an addict self-destruct. 
When Daniel goes off the rails again, Jordan calls off the tour to get him help. Tension within the band skyrockets and pressure from the record label sends Jordan into a dark spiral. Now his band—and his life—are balanced on a knife's edge, and Jase is the only one who can pull him back... but only if the echoes of his own tragic past don't push him over instead.
Aleksandr Voinov and I have been busy too, and we're taking you back to Market Garden in the seventh book in that series, If It Drives, available from Riptide PublishingAmazonAllRomance, and Barnes & Noble.
If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it's cheaper to rent it. 
After driving James Harcourt, his wealthy banker boss, around for a year and a half, Cal isn’t surprised by much anymore. Not even James’s regular trips to Market Garden, London’s most elite gay brothel. 
But when James leaves the Garden alone one night and turns to Cal instead, Cal’s floored. After crushing on his boss for ages, it’s his wet dream come true . . . until the awkward morning after. Cal still has a job to do, but he wants to offer more. Yet James doesn’t take him up on it; he keeps Cal at arm’s length and continues his chauffeured jaunts to Market Garden. 
As Cal learns what James needs from the rentboys, he tries to fill that need himself. But there’s more to James’s penchant for rentboys than Cal realizes, and it may be one role that Cal can’t fill without overstepping his duty.

And finally, I've re-released my novel, For The Living, and it can be found on AmazonAllRomance, and Barnes & Noble.

For the last year, Jay Warren has struggled to find the nerve to tell his wife he’s gay. Every time he gets the chance, though, he freezes up. He’s ashamed of hiding it all this time and he doesn’t want to hurt her, and the guilt has been almost unbearable. 
Then his wife dies suddenly, and Jay’s conscience threatens to eat him alive. 
Funeral director Scott Lawson deals with the bereaved every day, and he’s all too familiar with the inside of the closet. He offers Jay some much-needed compassion and understanding, and from that connection comes a friendship that quickly—perhaps too quickly—turns into something more. 
But are grief, guilt, and loneliness the only things tying them together? Or will Scott get fed up with being used as an emotional crutch before Jay realizes what he has? 
This book was previously published.
 Stay tuned -- Roped In (written with Marie Sexton) is out later this month, as is the seventh Tucker Springs book, It's Complicated!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Red Tie is back, y'all!  The seventh Market Garden story, If It Drives, is available now from Riptide Publishing, and can be purchased directly or from Amazon, AllRomance, or Barnes & Noble.

If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it's cheaper to rent it.

After driving James Harcourt, his wealthy banker boss, around for a year and a half, Cal isn’t surprised by much anymore. Not even James’s regular trips to Market Garden, London’s most elite gay brothel.

But when James leaves the Garden alone one night and turns to Cal instead, Cal’s floored. After crushing on his boss for ages, it’s his wet dream come true . . . until the awkward morning after. Cal still has a job to do, but he wants to offer more. Yet James doesn’t take him up on it; he keeps Cal at arm’s length and continues his chauffeured jaunts to Market Garden.

As Cal learns what James needs from the rentboys, he tries to fill that need himself. But there’s more to James’s penchant for rentboys than Cal realizes, and it may be one role that Cal can’t fill without overstepping his duty.

Friday, March 28, 2014

WANTED: Established Authors Not Afraid to Give a Little to (Hopefully) Gain a Lot - of Exposure

From Cat Grant:

I'm putting together a self-published boxed set of M/M military man stories for release later this year. Right now there's me, LA Witt, Keira Andrews and two other possible authors on board. Ideally, I'd like ten authors in the bundle.

In a nutshell, I'm looking for: Novella length stories - 15 - 25K. Contemporary preferred, the hotter the better. I'd like to have the bundle available in time for GayRomLit this October, which means I would need the completed stories (beta'ed, edited and ready for publication) in hand no later than August 15th. (I will, of course, copy-edit for consistency in grammar, spelling, etc., but the stories will have to be beta'ed and/or edited at the authors' expense.) The bundle will be available for a limited time only (Octoberthrough next February or March). After that, we settle accounts, take the bundle off sale and all rights revert back to the individual authors.

The object here is not to make wads of cash, but gain greater exposure - ideally, to hit the NYT and/or USA Today lists. No guarantee it'll happen, but that's what we're shooting for. I will be the editor/project manager on this bundle, and will publish it under my Cat Grant Books imprint on Amazon. (I will probably upload it to Nook, Kobo and iTunes through my Smashwords account as well.) I estimate the cost for cover art, formatting, etc., to be about $300-400, the cost of which will be split among all the participating authors (so if we get ten authors - $30-40 each).

Interested? Shoot me a proposal at:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Several Reprinted Titles are Now Available

For the past few months, I've been working on re-releasing some older titles that went out of print in 2013. I've posted about some of them, and others have just sort of been quietly released because I didn't want to saturate Twitter of my blog with "this one's available now too!" That and I was still working out all the self-publishing bugs. I'm still working out a few, so bear with me a little, but now that the majority of the books have been re-released, here they are:

From L.A. Witt...

The Cover Me Trilogy is available as a boxed set or as individual titles.

Also recently released: (Click on the covers for buy links)

Changing Plans is a collection containing the novellas Getting off the Ground, Infinity Pools, and On The List.

From Lauren Gallagher:

Please note that World Enough and Time was previously published as Until It's Over.

Light Switch & Reconstructing Meredith are available individually or as a boxed set called Wanting Moore.