Thursday, August 20, 2009

Phil Collins Goes to Forks.

Today, we planned to visit Forks and see just how much Twilight has infiltrated this tiny, unsuspecting town. As a pleasant surprise, the legendary Phil Collins joined us on this little journey.

Say hello, Phil:
Our visit began, appropriately enough, at the beginning. Specifically, the sign welcoming us to the little town of Forks. Phil and Eddie were...well...Thrilled:
Really Thrilled...
We continued on to the parking lot of the Forks Timber Museum, wherein Phil decided - with a little help from Libbie - to try his hand as a lumberjack:
Moving on, in the same parking lot, we found Bella's truck. No, seriously:
Phil decided that Edward was thinking impure thoughts about Bella, and opted to chaperone them on their date to...wherever it is they go:
On the way back to the car, he was getting thirsty, but we were fortunate to find this good sport who was willing to share his tasty frozen beverage with The Collins...
A few blocks into Forks, we came across the Dew Drop Inn. Phil was amused by their creative signage:
Phil sees what you did there, Dew Drop Inn!

Onward! We found a little store that sells various souvenirs. Someone went on a bit of a shopping spree...
I swear, he bought like 17 T-shirts...
Outside, he found a sombrero, which was handy, given how bloody hot it was today...
Then we all saw this sign, and we simply HAD to go into this place:
Phil's a chick magnet.
Phil, posing with Rpattz/Edward...
Phil, taking over the roll of Edward Cullen...
He seems to make a better Bella, too...
Then he kindly rang up our purchases:
And we continued through Forks, now in search of food. Maybe he was just hungry, but Phil was getting a bit emo when we stopped for lunch.
But his spirits were soon lifted, because GUESS WHOSE SONG CAME OVER THE RADIO?
And here he is ringing up our ice cream after lunch:
So there you have it: Our day in Forks with the legendary Phil Collins himself.

Tomorrow, I'll have more pics from the rest of our journey, including some more Forks hilarity, Thriller fun, and a bird.


  1. Hahaha, you rock Lori (and Libbie, and Eddie, and Libbie's husband who I don't know the name of)! :-)

    Phil collins is so badass.


  2. Please tell me you burned the place to the ground after you were done taking pictures.

  3. Okay, I thought I was like in love with you before, but now I KNOW! :) Anyone who trashes TW by using PC is just . . . so . . . awesome . . . I . . .can't . . . speak. Gosh, give me a moment and I might glitter! :)