Monday, July 28, 2008

So much to do, so little time

Eddie left today for school in Texas. He'll be gone for 6 weeks. During that time, I have 3 -- count them, THREE -- Personal Property shipments. First they're coming to get everything we'll be storing in Washington, then our Unaccompanied Baggage (express shipment of stuff we'll need right away when we get to Okinawa), and finally our Household Goods (everything else going to Okinawa). I keep emptying the storage unit, going through stuff here at the house, sorting what's going where...and it feels like I haven't made a dent. Ugh. I'm actually looking forward to the first shipment, because it will clear out the vast, vast majority of our stuff. It's all rather overwhelming, especially by myself.

Medical screenings are passport is in the works...orders are in hand...kitties have appointments for all of their required we've made SOME progress. But...damn.

I will say right now that my hat is off to the military wives who do overseas PCS moves with children. I'm having a hard enough time with just us and the cats...I can't imagine doing it with kids in tow. ladies have my utmost respect.

On a more positive note, we have been eagerly scouring the internet for info about places we can visit while we're on the other side of the world. We're both hoping to visit Cambodia (specifically to see Angkor Wat), Tahiti, Guam, Saipan, South Korea, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and of course, various places in Japan. We're very seriously considering putting a chunk of his re-enlistment bonus aside to fund a 16-day trip to Russia -- the one we're looking at starts in Moscow, then travels across Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad to visit Lake Baikal, Ulan-Baater (Mongolia), etc. The TS Railroad, Lake Baikal, and Moscow are all on my "places to see before I die" list, so I am SO there. Fingers crossed that it works out.

I'm also working on applying to the University of Maryland's branch in Okinawa. I've been dicking off long enough; it's time to finish my degree. I had originally planned to major in English, but looking at my transcript, I have History credits coming out the yinyang, so I think I'll major in History and minor in English. Massage school is on indefinite hold since...well...there's no place to do it there, and it's not something you can learn via the internet. LOL

So I'm excited, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and restless. Things are happening too fast, but not fast enough.

Are we there yet??

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