Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moar pikshurs! AND a MIRACLE!!

A few more pics from the debacle of making my house presentable.

Shponker is a strange cat. In addition to being gay (srsly), he has a festish for plastic. He was delighted when I hung plastic all over the house:

And apparently whoever put the carpet down in my house has a STAPLE fetish:

I KNEW I heard some shit-talking between the floor and the sander...

Annie...ever the helpful one...

What I found under the carpet in the hallway...

And of course...

BUT!! The best I've saved for last. A miracle in my own hardwood floors:



  1. You iz gamin. That photo is obviously faked.

    Everyone knows sanders can't speak LULZ.

  2. No. Srsly. The sander and the floor were talkin mad trash. Tru fax.