Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Improvement Purgatory.

It never ends.

It never freaking ends.

In theory, we were going to leave for Seattle today. However, the walls insisted on needing just a LITTLE bit more painting, some of the floors need just a LITTLE bit more poly, and the moulding is being a pain in the butt. Then of course the wood floors in the bedroom got a little bit of overspray from some primer, so I have to fix that, which is easy enough. Plus, we had to make a quick run down to North Carolina to drop a few things off at a friend's house, we've been trying to visit a few friends before we leave, and we had to take the boys to the vet.

But the projects. For the love of God, WHY? One. Thing. After. A. Freaking. 'Nother.

AND FOR FUCK'S SAKE...WHERE DO ALL THESE FREAKING STAPLES COME FROM???? I've already pulled 745,387,918,400,017 staples. Are they multiplying or something??? Are staples laying eggs in my fucking floor or leaving staple spores all over the house? There are almost as many staples in this house as the Duggars have children. Srsly. WHY??? I'm about to call an exterminator. "Nope, no termites. Just staples." "Staples??" "Staples. Kill them all." "Ummm..." "STFU and do it. Iz srs bznz. No moar staplez."

I must go for now. There is more work to be done.
It looks like we will now be leaving on Wednesday morning. Assuming, of course, that we get everything finished...but I'm starting to wonder. At the rate new "MUST DO" crap keeps popping up, we'll be pulling out of the driveway around the 19th.

Of January.


Unless, of course, I find more staples...

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  1. U iz needin teh Staplator. These fax ar tru.