Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm in ur zoo, shootin ur animalz.

First off, I can't believe you people. You're all voting for that bitch Ms Papercuts as the best ranter. WTF??? How can I possibly lose with yesterday's Oscar-worthy rant about authors that lash out at their readers and call them stupid? What kind of idiots are you people?

(yes, the irony of that paragraph is totally vote for me or I shall taunt you a second time!)


My mom and I took a day to wander around the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Being a weekday and somewhat on the cool side, it was hardly crowded at all. There were a few throngs of screeching brats, but for the most part, not a lot of people, and most of the children were decently behaved.

Is it ANY shock that I brought -- and used -- my camera?

NO zoo picture album is complete without a picture of the lion:
Hippos are always a winner...
But of course, being mildly afflicted with ADD, I would get distracted from the exotic endangered creatures and start photographing some of the locals:
"I can has...?":
Another kitteh:
Oh look, a squirrel!
And while I'm not usually one to go up to spiders, especially large ones that are NOT kept behind glass, this Golden Orb Weaver was fascinating:
Why so fascinating? Well, look at the picture again, and consider that the spider's butt is about the size of the end of my index finger, from the first joint to the tip. In other words, that picture is almost life-sized. (Blogger shrunk it a little) For whatever reason, my fear of spiders took a vacation for a few minutes while I gawked at that rather large creature.

The squirrels were not so impressed with her size:
So that was my trip to the zoo. Tomorrow: Dave and I are going to Forks, as well as visiting the temperate rainforest out there. Yes, "Twilight" fans, it's THAT Forks. Why am I going? Because it happens to be close to the rainforest, which is my primary destination. I probably wouldn't bother going there, but rabid Twilight fangurl Ms Papercuts would kill me if I didn't stop in and get a picture of the town for her.

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  1. I promise I haven't been voting for myself. :D

    I demand you do something to defile Forks while you're if your very evil presence isn't enough! :D