Thursday, October 2, 2008

More updates...and an awkward parking lot encounter.

We didn't get diddly shit done on the house today because we had eleventy billion things to do outside the house. Acupuncture, travel arrangements, dinner with some friends, etc.

We honestly truly really have our official travel dates: Eddie is flying out of Seattle on Oct 25, I am flying on Nov 11th with the cats. They will be flying as "excess baggage", which if you know how fat Annie is, that's rather apropos. It took 2 flipping hours to get all of the arrangements made. WTF? It was just a couple of plane tickets. I could've done it on Travelocity in 15 minutes. It was like the DMV only half as efficient. But at least the staff of this particular office was relatively friendly. Some of the other offices are staffed with people who have all the charisma of a jar of rancid pickles.

Tomorrow we continue working on the house. I feel like we're trapped in home improvement purgatory. It never freaking ends. I hope we can get it done by the end of the week. Talk about crunch time. We probably won't be leaving until Monday or Tuesday now, just because we're a bit behind.

In other news, we went to Newport News to have dinner with Megan and CW. Eddie went inside to get a table, and I went to park the car. I pulled into a space next to a small sports car. When I got out, a movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and I glanced through the window... see the passenger going to town on the driver. She glanced up at me, and we shared a rather awkward nanosecond before I quickly headed for the restaurant (sans part of my appetite) and the driver fired up the car to make a rapid getaway. It was...strange.

I also traumatized one of my cats this morning by shutting her leg in the door, causing her to loose a shriek that the neighbors probably heard. I was officially the worst kitty mommy EVER, but 5 minutes later she was purring and cuddled up to me, so either I'm forgiven or she has the longterm memory of a goldfish. Either way.

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  1. LOL I once shut mt kids head in the fridge door and he still likes me. Kids are forgiving like that. My fur baby on the other hand poops in my shoes for a week if I piss him off. Little fucker