Monday, January 12, 2009


Color me annoyed.

Straight Up
is being about as cooperative as The Enemy of My Enemy. This could mean that they're just crap, or it could mean that I'm burned out, tired, lost my mojo, etc. I've spent the last week or so doing a lot of revising and querying on top of writing, so it doesn't surprise me that I'm tired. I've got another WIP lined up, The Wedding Photographer, and I'm excited about it, but don't want to jump in until I know if the problem is me or the stories.

So, I probably just need a break.

I'm taking Ms Papercuts' sage advice and taking a couple of days off from actually writing, forcing myself not to write, and we'll see if that gets me going again. When I lift my self-imposed grounding, one of three things will happen:
  1. I'll get back in my groove and write Straight Up and/or The Enemy of My Enemy.
  2. I still won't be feeling those two, but I will be enthusiastic and productive on The Wedding Photographer.
  3. I won't be productive on a damned thing and will curl up in a corner and cry.
I'm reasonably certain that it'll be #2. #3 is simply not allowed. I will write all of these books in blood if I have to, but so help me God, they will get written.

All writers have their ups and downs, and I think this is just a temporary down. I'm a little worried about losing momentum, but I think it's best to back off, take a break, and not let myself get totally burned out. Whatever it is, it will pass.

But it's still annoying the piss out of me.

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