Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Clash of the Stories

It figures.

I get totally wrapped up in and excited about one story, and another comes prancing into my head and tries to monopolize my attention. I'm not going to give in, but damn it, it's making it a lot harder to finish the first story. I will finish, though.

The Wedding Photographer is coming along nicely. It cracked 40,000 words today, so probably another 10,000 or so and it'll be finished (maybe less...my first drafts don't always reach the 50K mark, but they usually cross it during revisions).

All The King's Horses came to me yesterday. I was chatting with Ms Papercuts about something which I shall not repeat because it would give away plans that she has for a future WIP, as well as one of mine. So you'll just have to take my word for it that somewhere in the conversation, the Divine Ms P said something that made my little brain go *fizzle* *snap* *zing*...and within about 2 hours, I had an outline written up for All The King's Horses.

So now, ATKH won't leave me alone, even while I'm trying to work on TWP. Damnation. The thing is, I'm starting to gauge if a book is worth writing by how much sleep I lose over it before I start writing it...and I'm losing a lot of sleep over ATKH. While I'm still catching up on the sleep I lost over TWP.


So frustration and clashing projects aside, I am feeling good about having two WIP's going that demand to be written. After two hopelessly stalled projects, this makes me feel better.

I suspect that TWP will be finished within the next day or two. Then I'll shove it aside and start working on ATKH. Then I'll revise my manuscripts on the plane.

At least...that's the plan.

We shall see.

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