Saturday, January 31, 2009

The BURNZ!!!

Okay, it doesn't burn. But it sucks. My body and my brain are still on Japan time, but being the inconsiderate place it is, Seattle is insisting on being on its OWN time. Bastard.

The trip was remarkably uneventful, unlike my flights in November, which were immortalized in this blog entry. In fact, I was blessed with a stroke of good fortune and was mysteriously upgraded to first class for my flight from Okinawa to Tokyo. I don't know why, because I didn't ask. Gift horse, mouth, etc.

The little TV screen thingy in front of my seat was malfunctioning on the long flight, which turned out to be a good thing. Dead TV + Dead Laptop Battery = Productive Writing Time. I managed to get quite a bit of work done on the outline for Between Brothers, plus I started on revisions for The Wedding Photographer. I'm thinking of starting Between Brothers in a day or two; I'm pretty happy with the outline, and Ms Papercuts is threatening to stab me if I don't finish it in the next few days, nevermind start the damned thing.

I'm getting mixed reactions from my cats after abandoning them and then showing up again. Annie is still giving me the cold shoulder, but has occasionally forgotten and let me pet her. Garfield still thinks he's afraid of me, though he did get on the bed this morning and let me pet him for a second before he remembered he was scared. Shponker, George, and Squeak don't seem to mind me. Midget gave me the evil eye for a few minutes, but got over it. Temperamental beasts, these cats.

And finally, I've managed to drive without killing anyone, despite not being behind the wheel - or on the right side of the road - since November. With any luck, this trend will continue.

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