Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rejected, but not dejected.

Playing With Fire was knocked back today, but the editor said it was because they only accept third person, not first person (which wasn't clear in the submission guidelines; it happens).

I can live with that. When I finish working on The Wedding Photographer today, I'll focus on getting Playing With Fire submitted elsewhere.

Oddly enough not feeling too bad about it. Mildly bummed out, but it wasn't a "you and your writing suck", it was a "doesn't fit our scope of things".

So, back to writing and submitting.


  1. Totally off topic here (though I am sorry you're writing got rejected. Don't give up!) but are you having any trouble getting onto Absolute Write? I haven't been able to all day. Just kinda curious if it's just me or if it's everyone.

  2. That sucks but like you said it was a bad fit rather than a bad write. Better luck next time

  3. Exactly...and if they know the story is in first person, then they must have looked at the manuscript (as opposed to rejecting it based on the query).

    I've resubmitted it to another publisher. *fingers crossed*