Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Break out the antacids again.

Time for antacids, therapy, and anything else to relieve anxiety: The revised partial (chapters 1-10) of Camera Shy is officially in the hands of the editor. She said I will hear back from her one way or the other by May 17. The countdown begins.

So what could happen at this point?
  1. Rejection.
  2. Another revision request.
  3. Full manuscript request.
Everybody keep your fingers crossed for #3. If that happens, then I'll submit the full, and commence antacid-popping and generally spazzing out until I get an anwer back on that, which will be:
  1. Rejection.
  2. Another revision request.
  3. An offer for publication.
Is this a nerve-wracking process? No. Of course not.

Now, the revision isn't 100% finished. The rewritten portions are done, along with the major changes to the plot, but I still need to go through and fix prose, continuity errors, etc. Basically, I get to do all the fun stuff that I mentioned in this post on chapters 11-56. It's really just (turd-)polishing at this point. With any luck, it will be fully spit-polished and ready to see the light of day by the time I hear back from the editor. Then, if she wants to see it, I'll send it...if not, it'll be ready to send to the next name on the list. And, whether it's sent to her or the next publisher, I will commence nail-biting, tossing-and-turning, and other such things.

Not nerve-wracking AT ALL.

And, in order to keep myself sufficiently occupied and distracted from that, I have other things to throw myself into when I'm not frantically revising CS:

After having a writerly pow-wow with Scarlett about Luke Boydston's Baby, I see some significant changes that can be made to make it a better story. So it's the next book on the reviserly chopping block. Knowing me, I'll also start fucking around with Between Brothers soon too.

Because I clearly don't have enough on my plate, I'm also working on the first draft of All The King's Horses again. We'll see what happens with that.

So, between final revisions on Camera Shy, a nip/tuck on Luke Boydston's Baby, the first revision of Between Brothers, and the first draft of All The King's Horses, that should be enough to keep me occupied - and away from controlled substances - until I hear back on the partial.

I know. I know. I need help. This is why sane people don't write.

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