Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So apparently I don't qualify for anything above "category 5" (lowest of 5 priorities) for a military flight. The funeral I would have been attending is not for a "qualified" family member, so I can't get upgraded to "category 1". I also conveniently haven't been on the island long enough to qualify for the free round trip to the States that we get every year. Had I been here just another 8 fucking weeks, I'd be eligible for that free flight, which would have made me a "category 2"...giving me slightly better than a snowball's chance in hell at getting on the plane. "Category 5"? Not. Going. To. Happen.

So I missed my other grandfather's funeral because I couldn't get off work, and now I won't be going to this one - which, of my four grandparents' funerals, was the one I had the strongest inclination to attend - because I can't get home.

Happy happy. Joy Joy.

Fucking Air Force...

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