Monday, June 15, 2009

More Feline Silliness.

A few years ago, while traipsing around in an antique store somewhere in the backwoods of North Caroline, Eddie and I came across something I'd been searching for FOREVER: A cat-sized chaisse lounge. Why? Because it makes for adorable pictures. This one happened to be the perfect size for Shponker or Midget, but was a wee bit small for the other cats.

Apparently Annie has decided that it is the perfect size for her.

Annie, the laws of physics would like a word with you:

Incidentally, that's the cat that was sleeping on my back the other night. (See previous blog entry) And yes, she IS that fat.


  1. Awwwwwww, so cute!

    *Cough.* *Re-manlifies.*

    So, um... how's the chair constructed?


  2. Perhaps she feels that she is above teh laws of physics

  3. The laws of physics do not apply to cats. Hence their need to curl up in boxes that are much too small for them. They can also expand to take up the entire width of a sofa.

  4. ROFL

    Fortunately, she has a high coefficient of static friction keeping her on the chaise. The laws of physics in that regard are satisfied. The ones regarding loadbearing are another matter.

    Sweet kittie cat.


  5. awww I want one of those little couches!