Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Things.

Still feeling bummed about Shponker, but...I guess these things happen. I really didn't need the car to break down less than an hour after I found out about the cat, but apparently the universe has a twisted sense of humor. Ha, bloody, ha, cosmos...

Even though I wasn't in a great mood yesterday, I managed to finish a few chapters of Playing With Fire, which made me feel somewhat better. Pushed it over 65K, shooting for 70K today. In spite of my mood, I think the chapters turned out pretty well, and Adam and Scarlett agreed. Note to self for wangsty days: Bad mood =/= bad writing...therefore, bad mood =/= excuse to not write.

Speaking of Scarlett, she finished editing her novel yesterday, axing nearly 60,000 words from the original 148,000. I thought it was great before, but it's even better now. Well done, Scarlett, and hurry up and get the thing submitted so I can read it in paperback!

In other news, we're T minus a week before we (hopefully) board a plane to Seattle. Military flights are fickle things, so we could end up a) on a flight to Seattle, b) on a flight to Hawaii, Guam, mainland Japan, Mars, Antarctica, then Seattle, or c) waiting a week for another flight. Hopefully we'll make it to Seattle before my class reunion on the 23rd. If all goes as planned, we'll be in town until the 27th. To any of my loyal blog minions in the Seattle area, drop me a line if you want to get together! We'll have a cell phone when we get there, but I don't know the number yet...e-mail will be checked frequently (read: obsessively), so that's the best way to reach us for now.

While I'm traveling, blog entries may be a bit sparse. I know, I say that every time and end up making a liar out of myself, but I'm at least offering this disclaimer to excuse any blogging days that are lost to jetlag, lack of internet access, or being rendered speechless by the culture shock of returning to the States after over half a year in Japan.

I think that's all for now. Off to see what Ian Black has in store for me today...

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  1. RIP Shponker. :-)

    The "universe" can be a right tosser at times, as both our past few days go to show. ;-)

    Hope you have a fabulous time in Seattle!

    *Menny hugz*