Friday, August 21, 2009

Why we REALLY went to the coast...

Okay, we didn't drive all the way to the Olympic Peninsula just to screw off in Forks. The area is gorgeous, so we were exploring some of the beaches and scenery.

Such as Lake Quinault...
More Kalaloch...
A little more Kalaloch...
The word of the day was "sunbeams", apparently, and Eddie and I were having fun catching them coming through trees and...well...spiderwebs apparently:

This was an interesting scene: Trees that were alive on top, dead on the bottom:
And when we walked inside, it was rather otherworldly too:
Ruby Beach:
Ruby Beach through a hole in one of the sea stacks:
A bridge in the woods near Kalaloch:
While goofing around on the beach at Kalaloch, the seagulls suddenly scattered, and Libbie said "ZOMG BALD EAGLE!" Looked around and sure enough:
He landed on the beach, evidently getting a drink, and didn't move while Eddie and I walked closer. I'd say we got within 30 feet or so before he flew further.

I think the eagle alone was worth the drive. More pics to come, but those are the "pretty" pics.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lori.

    That eagle is gorgeous. :-)


  2. Hey! I'm in your blog, steal your beautiful nature pix!