Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warning: This Blog Entry May Exceed FDA and OSHA Limits For Cuteness Exposure.

Eddie and I went to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium today, and the word of the day was, evidently, "CUTE". Because holy crap...they have some cute, fluffy creatures on display.

Such as these otters:
Even the polar bear was cute, because he was being fed and getting thoroughly excited about the fish being tossed into his pen.
A ring-tailed lemur. Nuff said.
This sign was just...interesting...
Okay, so an octopus isn't cute per se, but I was happy that I actually got a halfway decent picture of it, so here it is...
Something you don't see everyday...and Aardvark on a leash...
Got all my ducks in a row...
Feeding time at the harbor seal exhibit:
At this point, loyal blog minions, I urge you to brace yourselves, because you are about to exceed your level of Cuteness Exposure according to the FDA and OSHA.


Apparently this little guy wanted to go to the Roadkill exhibit...

Pissy Penguins:
And the most adorable thing I saw all day...

Ready for this...

Prepare to SQUEEE:

There. Pics of cute creatures.

This will likely be my last blog entry before I leave for Japanistan, though I may find something to write about tomorrow night at the airport. Either way, in about 72 hours, I will be back in the Land of the Rising Sun, and as soon as the jetlag has finished beating the hell out of me, this blog will be back to its regularly scheduled writing updates and random nonsense.

See ya in a few!


  1. The stretched-out Meerkat is Matilda, I think. She is quite a ham.

    The meerkats are indeed adorable, but they are also the stinkiest animals I have had to take care of in my fledgling career. And their butts are really, really gross. They scent-mark everyting by rubbing their little asses on it and they leave skidmarks all over the place. Guess who gets to clean up the skidmarks of twelve meerkats.

  2. MEERKATS!!!


    Don't spoil it, Libbeh! :-(

    *Menny hugz*


  3. The first two and the last meerkat pics are awesome. :)

    And otters! I love otters.

  4. Compare the meerkat dot com!

    (Only people in Britain will get that).