Saturday, September 5, 2009

How Lori Got Her Groove Back

Well, okay, more like "How Lori is Getting Her Groove Back". You know how it is: First day back at work after a vacation. Of course, I worked a little on vacation, and this isn't exactly the corporate grind, but getting back into the swing of things takes a day or two.

Still, I'm not one to cut myself a lot of slack, so here it is less than 24 hours after landing on Okinawa, and my computer screen is already cluttered with Excel and Word documents as I try to get back into writing mode. To boot, I got two rejections this morning, so theoretically I should be adding 4,000 words to my usual daily goal of 5,000, but let's not push it.

So. Nine Tenths of the Law. Where was I?

There's also one tiny little thing that's keeping me from getting back into Nine Tenths of the Law as quickly as I'd like.

Specifically, one of the four ideas that came to me while I was in Seattle. I'm content to put Kick and the other untitled idea on the back burner for a while, and Scream is going to take a hell of a lot of research/planning before I start, but the fourth idea is keeping me awake at night. Yes, even through the jetlag and fatigue from traveling, I can't sleep because of this damned idea. Originally titled One Too Many, this book has been given (by Scarlett, of course) the new title of Behind Closed Doors. Yet again, her title mojo has struck, because it fits this particular story perfectly.

But...I really need to finish Nine Tenths of the Law first. Must. Finish.

*peeks at Behind Closed Doors file* Perhaps just a few notes won't hurt my productivity.

Maybe a little bit of outlining.

Maybe some more notes.

NO! Nine Tenths of the Law. NOW!!!

But, Behind Closed-



  1. So what was this fourth project idea you didn't tell me aboot? Or DID you, and I forgot through sheer stress and tiredness?


  2. I agree with the leprech-, wait wrong country.

    Yay for words and gief moar!


  3. I'd say Lori, it's time to let out your inner child and let her play for a while rather than fighting her. Give her a couple of hours or days or whatever she's asking for and give her your attention for a while. You'll discover that she'll let you work on Nine Tenth of the Law.

  4. Liiiiisten to that voice that wants you to write BCD. Liiiiisten to iiiiit...

  5. Scarlett - Do you want 9/10 finished first or not?