Friday, November 13, 2009

Hmm. I stand corrected.

So we visited the haunted hotel yesterday, and Lori the Sometimes Skeptical Skeptic was anything but convinced. I mean really...ghosts? Granted, I have shared a house with...well, I lived in a house where some very weird things happened, and I saw some odd things in Colonial Williamsburg...but, let's just say I have to see something with my own eyes to be convinced.

Eddie was creeped out. Legends abound about strange and crazy things happening. But me? Not so much. Messy concrete building. Empty. End of.

Well...erm...color me convinced.

While going through my photos, I looked a bit closer at one of them, and what I saw can't be explained away as a simple speck on the lens, optical illusion or anything else.

Here's the pic:
Now you can't see much here, because it's a bit small. However, if you click here, it'll appear larger. Click on it and look very, very closely at the shapes and shadows on the wall on the right. Trust me. It's there.



  1. OMG I fucking hate you. I'm gonna go have a miscarriage now, thanks.

  2. I can't believe how many of you fell for that...

  3. Well, that's convinced me.

    p.s. I knew you were going to do that.