Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Updaterly Things

So Rules of Engagement is out, and by the looks of it, is doing quite well. Thanks to everyone who's bought it, and I hope you're all enjoying it!

Also, it's now available on AllRomanceEbooks.

In other news, Nocturne has been progressing rather slowly the last few days. Some of it has to do with the distraction of the new book being released and revising World Enough and Time, but it's mostly just a case of slacking off and being lazy. No two ways about it...the words weren't hitting the page because my fingers weren't hitting the keyboard. End of.

I'm hitting a few speedbumps with the story, too, but it's coming along. It's passed the Milestone of Destinah and is creeping towards 25,000. I think the problems will sort themselves out, as they usually do...I just need to sit my ass down and listen to the characters so they can tell me what the issues are.

Speedbumps aside, this has been a fun story to work on. My three main characters have been surprising me left and right with their relationship dynamics and their personalities. One was supposed to be the bold, comfortable-in-his-own-skin type, but seems to have some deep insecurities that I was not aware of (and still don't completely understand). The relationship between two characters was supposed to be strictly physical, but apparently there's quite an emotional connection too.

One of the biggest obstacles was also song lyrics. The story revolves around a band, and the lyrics of one song come into play...and I'm not a songwriter. But, I've managed to come up with a few key lines. The song won't be shown in its entirety, just those select lyrics that are important, and I think I've gotten that nailed down. Also, Scarlett has been helping me with the titles of the fictional band's albums and songs, and we've both come up with some badass tunes. This book is going to be fun. :D

So...anyway. Back to Nocturne. I'm going out tonight to "socialize" at this mysterious thing commonly referred to as a "party", but I'll get as much as I can before I go, then pick up tomorrow.

But before I go, I shall leave you with a picture of Jared Leto.

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