Saturday, January 16, 2010

My new hero.

I usually don't make comments about politics or religion here, but my Arch Nemesis has been spouting off at the mouth again lately. There are few people in this world who make my skin crawl more than Pat "Attention Whore" Robertson, and his latest shenanigans have involved using the disaster in Haiti to make an ass of himself.

Pat, you're giving your own religion a really, really bad name. Fortunately, most of us heathen non-believers can probably be objective enough to realize that you are the minority and do not represent the respectable, reasonable Christians who have the misfortune of ticking the same box under "religion" as you do. You call yourself a Christian, but as far as I'm concerned, you're a cunt. Sorry to any of my loyal blog minions who find that word offensive, but that's how offensive I find Pat Robertson.

Hey Pat? Instead of capitalizing on the suffering of the Haitians and running off at the mouth in your cushy, multi-million dollar studio, why don't you put your copious amounts of money where your big mouth is? Why don't you and some of your henchmen fly your wealthy asses down to Haiti, help them bandage their wounds, bury their dead, distribute food and water, and rebuild their infrastructure? Then maybe, just maybe, when everything has settled down, kindly explain your Gospel to those who are willing to listen?

There's someone in your Good Book who would have done that. Can't recall His name just now, but it'll come to me.

And as of today, this chick is my new hero. Seriously.


  1. Seriously. Pat needs to die in a fire. That was so disgusting.

    Did you see the Haitian ambassador hand Pat Robertson his ass on the Rachel Maddow show? Look it up on YouTube. It's glorious.

  2. Oh, I am so going to watch that. Robertson is such a complete and utter douche. I swear I could smell vinegar every time I drove past his little empire in Virginia.

  3. *applause* Well said. Sometimes a bit of caustic bluntness is more effective than polite delicacy!