Saturday, January 30, 2010

Naptivator/Demotivator Contest Results

There weren't a lot of entries for the Naptivator/Demotivator Contest, but there were some good ones. I had to modify the categories a little, but hey, who's counting?

You'll probably notice that Kuwisdelu has several winners. That's because he sent me eleventy billion entries, so he managed to stack the deck in his favor.

I've selected 9 winners, and they are as follows (if the text is too small, click on the picture to enlarge it):

Technically this one isn't as original as the contest rules require, and Vanessa was honest enough to tell me so, but it seriously made me I'll let it slide...Funniest Demotivator:
Most Ironic Entry (The irony stemming from the fact that it was submitted by Vanessa, who until a few years ago, was a vegetarian):
Best Use of Kuwisdelu goes to SFLP for this creation:
Speaking of Kuwisdelu, he managed to get himself two corners of a threeway tie for Dirtiest/Most Suggestive Naptivator.

For this...
...and this....
...and Carleta rounds out the tie with this:
Kuwisdelu wins for Best Use of 30 Seconds to Mars Lyrics:
Speaking of 30 Seconds to Mars, Scarlett has snagged the coveted trophy for Best Use of a Leto. Especially since she used both Letos...
(for those not in the know, "tt42" is an abbreviation of "thethinker42". Also known as...Me!)

And Overall Best In Show - so determined for judicious use of homoeroticism, pirates, and Johnny Depp - goes to this Kuwisdelu creation:
So there you have it, the results of the contest. I will probably hold another contest of some sort in the future, so keep an eye out.


  1. lol. Thanks, Carleta sent me a note telling me that I got a mention. ;) They're all great!

    Miss you guys!