Saturday, February 20, 2010

Edits are done, and some short story silliness.

The final edits of The Next Move are done, approved, and sent. Official release date is February 24, so I'll be posting links as soon as I have them. Hooray!

With that squared away, I'm getting back to The Opposite of You today. I've only written (as opposed to editing) one day out of the last ten, so it's definitely time to get on the ball.

In other news, a few months ago, I decided to submit something to Copper Wire in response to a prompt. The prompt was, quoth the editor, "the purification of a love-struck groundhog suffering from cabin fever at Mardis Gras." I'm never one to pass up a challenge, and that story is now up on the site. So, if you want to read some of my non-dirty silliness, my story is here.

Now, back to work on The Opposite of You, in between trying not to research Through a Glass Darkly, which really, really, really wants to be writ...(damn you, Libbie...)...

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