Monday, March 29, 2010

Gears turning in mah brainz.

So, after three adventure-filled days of showing Loki around Okinawa, we decided to take it a bit easier today. Specifically, we went to the mall and did some people-watching and writing. We took our trusty spiral notebooks, found a table in the food court, and spent a few hours scribbling and giggling. Then we went out to one of the bridges and sat out on a breakwater, writing whenever the wind stopped trying to rip the pages out of our hands.

Anyway, maybe it was the change of scenery, maybe it was being around someone who's enthusiastic about writing (hell, maybe it's the fact that some medication side effects are wearing off and my brain isn't made of cotton anymore), but the gears are finally turning. The words are coming, the characters are speaking, and the stories are falling together.

Light Switch is definitely back at the forefront of my brainz. A pair of characters who were axed from the outline are back now that their existence is not only justified, but imperative. A particular scene that had become a stumbling block is now smoothed over and accomplishes what it needs to accomplish. I've discovered a few personality traits about one of the major characters that create an interesting dynamic with another major character, as well as explaining why he does a few things early in the book. So, when my self-imposed grounding is up on April 1, hopefully I will hit the ground running and make some headway on this book.

Also bumbling around in my mind again is The Enemy of My Enemy. I've had a few false starts with that one, but after having a brainthink about it a few days ago, a few glaring problems sorted themselves out. That, and I'm sort of feeling the pull to work on some fantasy stuff anyway, so it will be a nice switch from erotica/romance for a little while. So, once Light Switch is done and I've finished editing Cover Me again (a few tweaks after hearing back from beta readers), I will once again attempt to write The Enemy of My Enemy. Then, I might revisit Fit For a King. And as long as I'm in a fantasy type of mood, before I go zooming back into the world of filth, I may even spend some time unfailifying Sins of the Father. We shall see. This is to say nothing of the literary novel that's still in my brain and demanding attention.

Whatever the case, whether I bounce between genres or not, at least the synapses are firing again and my desire to write is coming back. I'm tempted to say the creative juices are flowing, but as I generally write erotica, I'll just avoid that line of metaphors altogether. Either way, I want to write. I need to write. And on April 1, I will sit down...and write.

Meanwhile, while my productivity fluctuates and I flit from genre to genre, some things in the universe remain constant. For example, Shannon Leto remains...well...made of win:

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