Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Viva la Rewrites

For some reason, I have been in serious rewriting mode these days. I'm revisiting several of my older books, ripping them to shreds, and giving them massive facelifts. At the moment, I'm about 1/4 of the way through revising Behind Closed Doors. Next up is With The Band. I really want to get those two submitted soon, so they're my top priority.

In the meantime, I've begun doing some research for Through a Glass Darkly. Once I'm done with those other two revisions, I will probably start that first draft. It's weird to go this long between finishing first drafts - I've completed two in the last four months - but my books are getting longer now, and a lot of my older stuff needs work, which has taken some time. That and I've had edits for The Next Move, Nine Tenths of the Law, and The Distance Between Us. So, it's not that I've been unproductive, I've just had other things on my plate besides first drafts. Chances are, this won't be a million word year, but I'm okay with that.

So, for the next few weeks, I foresee a lot of rewriting. With a little luck and a lot of elbow grease, I should have two newly polished drafts ready for submission by the end of the month.

Now, back to ripping With The Band apart before I resume working on Behind Closed Doors...


  1. I don't think you can make Bastian any filthier.

  2. Oh, I will. I will make that man so filthy you won't be able to see straight. Bastian 3.0 will be the filthiest Bastian yet.