Friday, April 23, 2010

The adventure begins...


In a few hours, we will drag our tired asses to the AMC terminal to attempt air travel. We're told the flight has no seats available, but we remain cautiously optimistic. The last time we did this, there were 7 seats available when we arrived, and by the time they did roll call, 40 had materialized (we got #36 and #37, if I recall). could happen. If we don't get on that flight, there's another bound for Yokota later in the day. From Yokota, we somewhere other than Yokota.

We had a lot of travel-related things to do today, so I haven't gotten any writing done. I have, however, printed a copy of Light Switch so I can spend some time line editing it. I usually wait to do line edits until I'm, you know, finished with the manuscript, but line editing is incredibly time-consuming. In other words, a great way to pass time on a plane (in between sleeping and beta reading two people's manuscripts). Flying is the only thing more boring than editing. Push comes to shove, the editing might put me into a boredom coma, and I will arrive in Seattle rested, refreshed, and perhaps not quite so jetlagged. Jetlag is serious business with this kind of trip. Believe me. traveling for upwards of 24 hours and changing eleventy billion time zones does crazy things to one's head, and my head doesn't need any more crazy things done to it. Srsly.

Speaking of Light Switch, it's past the 95,000 word mark now, and I'm starting to slow down a bit. This usually happens as I get into the last 10-15,000 words of a book, so I'll take that as a good sign that Excel is a filthy liar and the book won't actually end up hitting 140,000. I'm down to 13 chapters that need finishing. All of them are started, and most of them are at least 1,000 words already. Fingers crossed that they don't decide to be 5,000+. Though with five of the remaining chapters being those scenes(tm), anything's possible. doorstop of a manuscript and I, along with my husband, will hopefully be Seattlebound in the next 12 hours or so. Expect some brief, sporadic blog entries over the next couple of days, and I apologize in advance for incoherent, typo-riddled entries. Sleep deprivation does not bode well for blogging.

Sayonara for now...

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