Friday, April 2, 2010

Some highlights from Loki's visit

With Loki safely back in North America, I'm slowly getting caught up on pictures, submissions, editing, and all of the other things I neglected while I was out having fun. Cover Me left this morning, bound for an editor's desk. Light Switch is still simmering in the back of my mind while I shift back into writing mode. The outline needs to be modified a bit before I jump back into writing it, but I think I'll be back to writing in a day or so. Ideally, I'd like to have the first draft finished by the time we leave for the States in three weeks. We shall see.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the last few days of Loki's visit.

Painful lesson in 3...2...
WTF are you lookin' at?
Gone riding!
Why yes, we will go out in a glass bottomed boat:
Funny moment on the glass bottomed boat: Eddie, Loki, and I were the only Americans on the boat. We spoke English, everyone else spoke Japanese (in Japan?! No!). Then we saw a bunch of clownfish, and everyone - American and Japanese alike - pointed and said "Nemo! Nemo!"

Ahh, the international language of Disney.

Then it was on to the beach, where Loki and I indulged in the ultimate writer's nirvana:

Pen. Paper. Cold drinks. White sand beach. Comfy chairs.

Oh yes, it's the writer's life for us:
The weather turned shitty after a while, so we gathered our writerly things and went to Nakagusuku castle:
"The hiiiiiiiills are aliiiiive..."
Run! It's Rokizirra!!
Loki with one of the Shi Shi dogs at the Churaumi Aquarium:
Coolest. Fish tank. EVER.
Then I dumped Loki off at the Naha airport and let her commence the eleventy billion hour journey home, while I went home and slept.

So, life is back to whatever could be considered "normal", and I'm getting myself back into writer mode. In the next 24-48, expect to see the word counter on the right side of my blog resume it's crawl towards 100%.

Now...back to outlining...


  1. I think you're married to a big kid...and your friends are a bit strange to. Oh. Wait...

  2. I meant TOO!