Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Updates N Stuff.

Three days to go until we make our first attempt to get on a homeward bound plane. Will we fly cargo class? Will we wind up on a passenger jet? No idea. Fingers crossed for a cargo jet, though.

In between packing far too much crap into far too little packing space, I'm still trudging through Light Switch. I'm pretty sure the odds of finishing before I leave for the States are somewhere in the ballpark of "snowball's chance in hell", but if nothing else, I'll have nearly 100,000 words to read over, edit, etc., while I'm flying.

Speaking of reading and flying, I have a few beta commitments waiting in the wings (didja see what I did there?), which I will be working on during my flight(s). Hopefully I can get them done and back to y'all by the time my trip is over.

That said, I may also find myself up to my ears in edits for Camera Shy very soon, as it will be released much sooner than I expected. The tentative release date is May 10...the day before Nine Tenths of the Law is released. The date might change because it coincides with my other book, but that will be at my editor's discretion. Either way, I suspect edits are coming my way very soon. Edits and, I say with a SQUEE, cover art. And I do have cover art for Nine Tenths of the Law, but can't post it until I get final approval from the publisher. Should be very, very soon, though.

Needless to say, the next few weeks are going to be insanely busy. At least I have the kind of job that I can take anywhere, so I can still be a workaholic when I'm in the States.

Back to wedging too many earthly possessions into one suitcase so I can fly home.

To go to the concert.

To to see this up close and personal:
Are we there yet???

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