Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another fiiiiiine day in paradise.

It was a gorgeous day in Okinawa, so we packed up a bunch of stuff, jumped in the car with some friends, and headed in a northerly direction in search of a place to engage in a day of sloth and sunburns.

That place turned out to be here:
From another angle:
Prettttty. Also a great place to chase crabs (or in George's case, to encourage them to pinch his fingers, at which point he'd yelp and exclaim "That hurt!" *sigh* Way to go, Curious George...)

I wandered around with my camera for a bit, and decided this was a good place for some artsy shots, such as this one:
And this one...
Elisa found a bunch of glass, shells, and this bizarre piece of plant life:
Then we decided to move on to another beach that Sean and Linea had discovered. That place looked a little something like this:
We set up camp......promptly abandoned that camp...
...and jumped in here:
Needless to say, I didn't take many pictures, because I was entirely too busy lounging in water that would make a swimming pool seem cold. Well, to most of us. George seemed to think it was cold. He's weird.

Once we'd finished with water-based slothery and shenanigans, we retired to our aforementioned camp to bask in the sun for a while. This is George with what appears to be an unassuming umbrella. However, it kicked his ass repeatedly throughout our basking.
After that, we piled into the cars and went down some crazy winding roads to see a dam.

That dam looked like this:
(I'm on the top looking down, in case the perspective throws you)

The lake on the other side:
The boys on top of the dam...Eddie, George, and Sean. *sigh* Naturally, I'm married to the dorky one in capri pants...
But at least mine isn't the only weird one in the bunch...
So, we succeeded in our attempts to slack off and enjoy the sun. I also slathered on the sunscreen, but those Irish genes are stubborn, and still managed to let some light in.


What can I say?

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