Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another one done.

The first draft of NSFW is done.

It's one of the messiest, choppiest, ugliest first drafts I've written since Snot of the Failbombs, but it's done. I have no doubt the revision will take some time, but hey, it's written, and there's very little that can't be fixed during editing.

One of the main reasons I was in a hurry to get this one done - besides just being sick of it - is another book that's demanding to be written. After all of my ranting yesterday about BDSM, one of the characters from Light Switch came marching in and demanded a sequel, if only to try to counter some of the evils I bitched about. And now he won't shut up. *sigh* So, after I go to the beach tomorrow and relax for a day, I will begin the sequel, which, thanks to Scarlett, is called The Safe Word.

Oh, and speaking of Scarlett, she posted a rant in the same vein as my BDSM rant from yesterday. It's worth a read, and it can be read hyuh.

Anyway. There's the latest. Pass the vodka and fire up the video games...


  1. Aren't you forgetting two 'gentlemen' by the name of Sebastian and Luke?

  2. They hadn't been invented yet when I posted this blog entry. Their time is coming.

  3. See how quickly she comes up with new projects, people?

    With a little help from, oh, uh...ME! :D