Monday, July 5, 2010

Attack of the Sea Cucumber.

Yesterday, we ventured out into the undersea wilds of Okinawa for another day of snorkeling. It was fun, as always, but was a little disappointing compared to our last trip. Rough sea conditions kept us from going to the place we wanted to go, and when we did find a spot, the visibility wasn't so great. That, and there was a rather reckless idiot on a jet ski keeping us from going to a little island a hundred yards or so off shore. Oh well, maybe next time.

That said, we did still manage to get some pics (Eddie had the camera, so most of these are his pics. The ones I took will be fairly obvious).

Here are some cool little fishies we found:
(see what I mean about the visibility?)

Another fish, which Eddie didn't even see while he was photographing some coral:
I still can't get over how blue these fish really are:
This little guy was pretty cool:
And thank God I was wearing gloves, because the crab in this shell was not only quite large, he was a wee bit pissed off...(probably something to do with some inconsiderate human yanking him out of the water):
There were two highlights of my day o' snorkeling. One was the puffer fish. Of course, I think those things are cute anyway, but I actually startled this one (accidentally) badly enough to get him to puff him, which was fucking hilarious. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera, so you'll have to settle for this artist's rendition of what I saw:
I couldn't spent too much time ogling his frightened cuteness, though, because movement to my immediate left caught my eye, and I made short work of getting the fuck out of the water. Why, my loyal blog minions do ask?

Because of this:
So that was...amusing.

The second highlight of my day was at the expense of one of my fellow snorkelers.

I picked up a sea cucumber, waited for George to come out of the water, and:
So I succeeded in getting a puffer fish to puff and making a grown man scream like a little girl over a sea cucumber. All in all, I'd say that was worth having the sea cucumber in question shit all over my glove.

So there you have it. Another fine day of snorkeling. Stay tuned for our next excursion, which will probably be in a week or so.

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