Friday, July 16, 2010

Taking a few days off.

I know, you're probably all sick of me mentioning it, but Reconstructing Meredith is frying mah brainz. Fortunately, it has passed the Second Milestone of Destinah, clocking in at around 42,000 words as I write this. I think I'm about halfway done, and the book is thus far safe from the Wangstbasket.

That said, it's taking its toll on my sanity. As you can see from this graph, my sanity has plummeted at an alarming rate in relation to the rising word count of Reconstructing Meredith.

If it continues at this rate, the predictions are grim to say the least:
These charts come straight from Excel, and you all know just how much I live and die by the contents of Excel spreadsheets, so I'm taking this very seriously.

In light of this alarming forecast regarding my sanity, I am taking today and tomorrow off. Today, I'm just screwing off online, going out to dinner with some friends, and going to this really awesome frozen yogurt place where you can mix all different flavors of frozen yogurt and top them with eleventy billion different toppings and pay for it by weight and...*cough* Anyway.

Tomorrow, it's off to Komaka Island, one of the outlying islands off the south end of Okinawa. The plan is to leave the house around 7, be on a glass-bottomed boat by about 9, and take the 6 kilometer journey to snorkeler's paradise. There, we will be left with nothing but a bathroom, our snorkel gear, each other, and our collective wits until the boat returns around 4. No intertubes, no writing, and - I'd be willing bet dollars to doughnuts - no Americans besides the ones we're bringing with us.

Seriously. They're turning us loose, with no adult supervision, here:
With any luck, I will avoid being bitten, eaten, stung, or otherwise maimed/killed/devoured by the local wildlife. If I succeed there, then the restorative powers of a day of snorkeling in crystal clear waters should raise my sanity back to more manageable levels, at least enough to get to the end of Reconstructing Meredith.

And after that, I'm writing something fun, lighthearted, and not nearly as serious.

So...anywho. I'm taking two days off. Exciting, I know. In the meantime, keep an eye on RomCon for a guest blog from me, which will be linked here.

Also, just to tide everyone over until I get back, here is a picture of Shannon Leto.

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