Saturday, August 7, 2010

My job title: The malevolent god of an uncooperative universe.

Some of my loyal blog minions are also friends with me on Facebook, and if you've ever been bored enough to go through my profile, you may have seen my job description. And yes, just like the title of this blog entry says, I list myself as "The malevolent god of an uncooperative universe."

Why do I call myself such a thing? Because it's true. Duh. I invent worlds and people, and I rain all kinds of hellish things on them, usually in the form of putting them through the emotional wringer in their relationships. I (usually) write romance, after all.

Now that I'm dipping my toes back into the world of SF/F (ahhhhh, how I've missed it here), I get to be extra evil. After all, what's a SF/F novel without at least a double digit body count? *rubs hands together and cackles maniacally*

Needless to say, I'm having a ball planning out The God Charade. Still ironing out some world-building stuff and some of the technical details (relating to space travel, some medical conditions, etc), and the story is slowly coming together. I've put my characters into a pretty complicated mess, and of course they're being less than cooperative about coming up with a solution. Can't imagine why. I think they're all afraid to speak up because they've seen what happens to those who don't do my bidding. *more maniacal cackling*

So when will that pitiful little word counter on the right side of my blog start moving? Don't know. My guess is within a week or so. It just depends on how long it takes to build the world, figure out the outline, and iron out the details. Then, the story will begin, and I will commence making my entire cast of characters miserable (and, in quite a few cases, dead.). *insert more maniacal cackling here, with even more enthusiasm than before*

Also, depending on how this goes, it's entirely possible The God Charade will not be my last foray into SF/F. In fact, I have a funny feeling that while this book will be resolved and will function as a standalone story, there will be juuuuuuust enough open-endedness to make a sequel possible. Even if this book doesn't warrant a sequel, I love writing SF/F, so I could definitely see more of that in my future (in between writing filth, of course). Heaven knows I have a few ideas stockpiled that I haven't used yet, so...who knows?

Anyway, for the time being, I'm just focusing on The God Charade. And speaking of which, back to making life hell for a few dozen people...

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