Friday, September 3, 2010

All things random and various....

So as a hurricane rumbles toward my house in Norfolk, and a typhoon meanders its way toward Okinawa, I've been spending more time than usual caring about the weather. Not a lot of time, mind you, but it's good to keep up on these things. Usual caveats: If I should suddenly disappear for a couple of days, we've probably lost internet/power due to a typhoon, and are most likely safe, dry, and climbing the walls because we have no intertubes.

While the weather does its thing outside, I continue to do the writing thing inside. (Speaking of writing, you should all read How to Write a's hilarious, whether or not you're a writer)

I'm inching close to the end of With the Band, with 10 chapters left to finish. That may sound like a lot, but 8 of those chapters are well past 2,000 words already, so finishing them won't take much. Most likely, it'll be done tomorrow. That mostly depends on when I get the galley copy of Cover Me, which will of course be my priority. The edits and galley copy of Rain are done and turned in, so they're out of the way. Just waiting on cover art for that one!

Once With the Band and the galley copies are done, I've got a few new projects waiting in the wings. Thanks to Bookewhore - I mean, Bookewyrme - I've got an idea brewing for a new novel, Out of Focus. Still ironing out the outline, especially since I'm not yet sure how to work out the POV situation. In the meantime, I'm also putting together some short stories for a call for submissions, and since those are due Oct 1, I should probably work on them before I jump into the madness of Out of Focus. (Yes, Bookewyrme, that means you'll have to wait a couple of days)

So that's what's on the menu right now. To all of my East Coast friends, stay safe and dry.

Now, off to finish this first draft...

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I need a navy husband...oh, but I already have a husband...hmmm..guess not. Thanks for the link to "How to Write a Novel." Very true and hysterical.