Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another draft done.

Clocking in at a ballhair over 98,000 words, the first draft of Out of Focus is done.

This one was a strange combination of "super easy" and "uber challenging".

Super easy in the sense that the characters spoke to me like whoa. Angel, Dante, and Jordan were quite vocal, doing everything from running off with scenes to keeping me awake at night. They all developed their own personalities, and my God, they were fun to work with.

Uber challenging in the sense that, as mentioned previously, the book is written from three different first person POVs. It was actually easier than I expected, but it had its difficult spots. One scene in particular switches between the three POVs, and I was ready to gouge my eyeballs out with a broken spork by the end of it. But it worked out, methinks.

Part of me wants to say I'll never do split first person POV again, but I know that's bullshit. I know myself. I will totally do it again. Why? Because I'm a masochist.

So now I need to get this sucker edited and submitted. Once that's done, I haven't decided 100% on my next project. Either I'll be editing NSFW or writing a new as-yet-untitled hetero novella. Stay tuned, loyal blog minions.

Also, Joyfully Reviewed just posted a review of Between Brothers, which can be found hyuh.

Quoth the reviewer:
I found her somewhat innocence to be refreshing, especially once Darren begins his ‘tutoring’ of her. Scorching love scenes and one very hot ménage later, my romance loving heart was sated.
So, yay! I don't usually read reviews anymore, but this one was brought to my attention, so I thought I'd share it.

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  1. Woo hoo!!! Congrats on finishing them! Can't wait to read them all together. ;)