Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More links for Cover Me

I haven't been able to update my website because I'm still in the process of changing to a new host, so I'll list the new buy links for Cover Me here. More to come as they're available, but for those who've been waiting:

In other news, Out of Focus is still coming along quite nicely, and I fully intend to push it past the 40K mark this evening. Tomorrow, I'm taking my trusty little spiral notebook and driving...I don't know, do some handwritten work. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house, you know?

So far, I really like how this book is going. I was a little worried about some new things I was trying with it, but it's working better than I expected. Specifically, I'm writing it in three separate first person POVs. It has its challenges, which I fully anticipated, but isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I will definitely be hitting up some beta readers when it's done, just to make sure I didn't completely nuke the POV transitions and such.

Why the hell am I doing this to myself? Quite simply, because there was no way I could do the story justice without getting all three characters' input, and I'd rather slit my wrists than write male/male (or in this case, male/male/male) erotica in third person. The name repetition and pronoun confusion in those scenes(tm) is enough to drive me batty when I read, I lose my mind if I try to write it.

It remains to be seen if this little exercise in madness will actually work, but I'm optimistic.

And if you think you might be interested in beta reading a male/male/male BDSM novel, roughly 80-100K words, in October, feel free to comment here or shoot me an e-mail.

And now, enough procrastinating...back to work...40,000, here I come...

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