Monday, September 27, 2010

OMG, a blog post about military life.

Well, sort of.

After two years of living in base housing, there's a good possibility Eddie and I are going to be moving off-base in the next couple of months. One of our friends lives in a beautiful apartment, and the unit below his just opened up, so we're going to try to get that one. If we don't get it, we're still going to look around.

Why move? Hell, why not? We live in a foreign country. Why not actually get out and live in it instead of holing up on base? That, and our particular base is painfully isolated. Very little is within walking distance, and we end up driving out to the area where our friend lives several times a week anyway. We'd be within walking distance of three of our favorite restaurants, so we could feel marginally less guilty about indulging there (okay, they're not terribly unhealthy, but it wouldn't hurt us to hoof it once in a while). Once I get my bike fixed, I'll be able to ride to Katsuren Castle with relative ease. The Japanese mall is right down the street. We'd be closer to the water. Eddie would be closer to work.

All in all, WIN. More expensive? Yes. A pain in the ass to move? Yes. But for a bigger apartment with a giant patio, and no longer having to show my ID every time I come home, plus all the perks above? Worth it. Hell yeah.

So, as we creep up on the end of our second year doing the overseas thang, we're stepping up the adventure a little and moving off-base. Hopefully. Depends on a few factors, but we're working on it.

Knowing us, we'll end up moving right in the middle of NaNoWriMo, which is the same time I start teaching a creative writing class on Kadena AFB. And I'll have edits for Until It's Over during that time. Why not throw in a move while I'm at it? I'll manage, though. I did NaNo '08 while I was moving to Japan for heaven's sake.

Also, I've had a few questions recently regarding Rain and its release date because it hasn't yet been listed on the publisher's coming soon page. Not to worry, loyal blog minions! To my knowledge, the scheduled release of October 15 hasn't changed. They're just finalizing cover art, then it should appear on the coming soon page. If anything changes, I will post here immediately (and on my website once I've got everything squared away with the new hosting company, etc.).

So, expect a few frazzled "why the hell did we decide to move again?" posts in the next couple of months in between release info for a few upcoming books.

And of course, you can expect lots of mancandy, because that's what we do here at AINW.


Why the hell not?

I mean, what blog is complete without some smirking Wackcandy?
Now. Enough procrastinating. Back to work on Out of Focus...

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  1. I thought of something totes mature to say but OMG THAT MAN IS SO HOT LIKE WHOA I CAN'T STAND IT.


    Uh...yes. Good luck with the stuff and the...thing. Whatever.