Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road to hell, good intentions, blah blah blah

In my last blog entry, I said I intended to spend the day working on nitty gritty stuff like my website. And I would have, but two things happened that I did not foresee.

First, the company currently hosting my website decided to reaffirm my decision to change hosts by making the transfer process complicated and, most aggravating, lengthy. As a result, my plot to overhaul my website is now on hold until some of this nonsense gets squared away.

Second, a little twinge in my mid-upper back decided to turn into more than a little twinge. Long story short, I threw my back out. Since it hurts to the point of total distraction, I haven't gotten a damned thing done the last two days.

Well, that isn't entirely true. I've almost finished the outline for Out of Focus, and I've made copious notes about various scenes while I ride out this pain. I'm also about halfway done with Denied, a short story I'm writing for an anthology. In theory, I should be able to write a 5,000 word story in a day. Easily. I've decided it's quite ironic, though, to be distracted by severe pain and thus be unable to make normal progress on a story...about pain. *sigh* Lame.

So, anywho. The website is still sort of in limbo, but will be overhauled soon. Out of Focus is almost ready to roll, and Denied will be done today if I can sit comfortably for a couple of hours. We shall see...

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