Thursday, October 7, 2010

W00T! Lots going on...

First of all, my website has gotten a facelift. I'll still be tweaking and tinkering, but I like the new look - and my new host - soooo much better.

Second, Rain is now on AllRomance. I'll be adding more links as they're available, of course.

And...the reason why anyone on Okinawa can currently hear a lot of squeeeeeing coming from the Uruma City area...

Out of Focus is sold!

*happy dance*

29 days after I started the first draft, too, which beats my previous record of 31 days from start-to-contract for The Distance Between Us.

I'm still waiting on paperwork and such, so I'm keeping the publisher under my hat for now, but it looks like the book will be out in August 2011. Stay tuned for updates. For now, I will return to my regularly scheduled squeeing and running around the neighborhood screaming (my neighbors are going to be so thrilled when we move out), then get back to work on Disengaged.

Oh, and here is some Leto eyecandy. Why? Because I feel like it.

That is all.

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