Monday, November 8, 2010

Give me my towel back, please.

So, I didn't blog about this last night because I didn't feel like wangsting all over the place, but long story short, I decided to temporarily throw in the towel on Guilt by Association. The intricacies of the plot were getting a little out of hand, and I was tying myself in knots trying to figure out all the details of the crimes being investigated. Didn't help that my characters kept throwing new problems at me, new details, etc. Oh, and a couple of them decided to fucking die before I was through with them. Bastards.

As of last night, I was getting rather discouraged. I decided it was time to cry "uncle", raise the white flag, and throw in the towel. I have another idea itching to be written, so I still had hope of reaching my NaNoWriMo goal.

However, after sleeping on it (and being a chronic insomniac, I use that phrase loosely), I decided to give it another chance. The plan was to write 5,000 words and see how I felt about it, then go from there.

I mentioned this whole thing to Aislinn Kerry, who offered some suggestions for working out the story arc. There's something kinda cool - and amusing as hell - about having another author run through a plot thingy using one of her own stories (which I've read) as an example. Always interesting to see the brainthinkery that goes into someone else's story.

Anyway, I used her advice, which helped me figure out some issues with the two main story lines. Now I'm just sorting through some minor details, and adding/deleting some chapters.

This will most likely not be a 5,000 word day, but I'm happy to say Guilt by Association is back on track. There's still a chance it could sink rather than swim, of course. It hasn't yet reached the Second Milestone of Destinah, but it will be there either today or tomorrow. I'm pretty confident I can work out all the problems and put this story together coherently. Hey, I survived Cover Me, I can survive its sequel.

So, to recap, I'm taking my thrown towel back and getting back to work on this book. Hopefully I can get it right. (Though I already know it's going to be hell to edit...)

And in other news, 30 Seconds to Mars took home Best Rock Band at the European MTV Awards...BOO YAH!


  1. Oh thank goodness. I was scared for a minute! Also, hurray for 30STM!!! (Though I already knew that. ;))

  2. Don't scare me like that!! I just finished Cover Me yesterday, and the whole way through I savored the thought that there'd be a sequel. I waited as long as I could to read it, in an effort to shorten the wait between it and the sequel, but I finally couldn't wait any more.

    I'm definitely not ready to say good-bye to Nick and Andrew. I was (and am still/once again) hoping that you writing their sequel for NaNoWriMo means that it'll be in my hot little hands soon. So, for what it's worth, you have fans eagerly waiting for more.

  3. Never fear, ladies! The boys of the sequel seem to be cooperating now. Andrew and Nick will be back, though they will be secondary characters in the sequel.

    So, for my eagerly awaiting fans, I promise I won't keep you waiting long!