Friday, November 19, 2010

Looking for Guest Blog Opportunities

Second blog entry for the day...

I'm hoping my loyal blog minions can help me out on this, so I'm throwing it out there: I'm looking for opportunities to guest blog in 2011. Of course I'm scouring the tubes, watching chat loops, etc., myself, but if any of you have or know of blogs with guest blog opportunities, please let me know.

I'm mostly after blogs that cater to readers and/or writers of erotic fiction, romance, etc., whether of the M/M or hetero varieties. Any "flavor", any heat level, pretty much...well...anything. I'd like to synch them up with release dates, but if that's not possible, any date is fine. That, and I have release dates throughout 2011, so I'm more than a little flexible.

So, if you or someone you know are seeking guest bloggers, please point me in the right direction! :) Leave a comment here or e-mail me. If required or requested, reciprocal opportunities are most certainly available; I'm always game for guest bloggers here at AINW!

Many thanks, loyal blog minions!

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