Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cover Art - Light Switch

Always my favorite part of an upcoming release. :D

Behold - Light Switch:

Cover art is by Amanda Kelsey, who did a lovely job as always.

The book will be available from Carnal Passions in early January.


After far too much lackluster sex with her now-ex-boyfriend, Kristen Locke isn’t just
ready to try something new, she’s ready to try everything. And as luck would have it, two of her good friends are more than willing to introduce her to the kinkier side of life: Experienced dominant Scott Moore wants to bring out the submissive in her. Neighbor and voyeur Matt Sommers quite literally sees the exhibitionist in her.

Little by little, they open up a whole new world to her, and Kristen’s about to learn that love can be found in the most unusual places…