Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Haunted Hotel - Revisited

Some of my longtime loyal blog minions may remember the pictures I've posted previously of the Royal Hotel, an abandoned and allegedly haunted hotel near the Kitanagusuku castle ruins. Photographed from high atop the walls of said castle, the hotel looks like this:
Quick history lesson: Construction began in the 1970s in spite of locals saying it was too close to (and might have been built on top of) numerous tombs. All through construction, numerous mishaps led workers to believe the spirits were angry over the desecration of those tombs, and after a while, workers refused to continue construction. Eventually, the owner of the project went bankrupt and, as I understand it, wound up in a mental hospital where I believe he remains today. The hotel never opened, and no one is willing to go in and tear it down, so it's abandoned.

To appease the spirits, a monk put in a shrine, which he still maintains. The site is believed to be haunted.

I've visited before, but didn't venture very far in, mostly because my husband was too scared not wearing proper footwear to proceed through the broken glass, debris, etc. Today, since my friend Meghan is moving off-island soon, she wanted to visit the hotel. Never one to pass up a chance to go wandering around a potentially dangerous building with my camera, I jumped at the chance.

Now, going through my pictures, I did find something odd: what appears to be another person in a room occupied only by Meghan and myself. I won't point out the specific picture, but you'll probably know it when you see it.

Moving right along.

First things first, I made sure I had proper footwear:
With my feet securely fastened inside ghost-proof boots, I proceeded down the path with Meghan, and we found ourselves before the entrance of the hotel. Behold its entrancey glory:
This would also be a good time to add that it was really, really windy today. Those two vertical poles above the entrance? They were shaking and making all kinds of noise. I must say it added a cool creepy ambiance to the place, particularly when we heard some metal banging and clanging at one point (turned out to be some sheet metal hitting a wall).

Since we weren't scared had proper shoes, we didn't let the noise deter us.

Before we could go traipsing inside, though, we noticed a road off to the right, leading around the exterior of the hotel. Naturally, we followed it, and were able to get some wicked cool pictures:

This was that upper portion of the hotel that looks like a tower of some sort. Nothing quite like seeing two large chunks of concrete suspended by rebar and swaying mightily in the breeze:
Not far from there, we found what I believe is the shrine I mentioned earlier:
And remember the tombs I mentioned before, the ones that were close enough to the hotel to cause concern?
With the exterior thoroughly inspected, the tombs photographed from a respectful distance, and our memory cards groaning under the weight of all our pictures, it was time to go inside:
As you can see along the walls, there's a hell of a lot of graffiti in this place. However, it isn't just random pictures, cartoon characters, tags, and what have you. Some of it...


Look for yourself:

That's some serious graffiti.

Some funky patterns on the ceiling:
Random toilet seat is random:
Bottom level of the tower at the top of the hotel:
More of the interior, which is where I got the one pic that I believe contains something...unusual:

Ooooh, artistic:
More outings planned in the near future. Stay tuned.

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