Friday, January 7, 2011

Take two.

Quick note: Light Switch is now on AllRomance, Amazon, and Bookstrand. Also, the link on my blog's sidebar goes directly to the book on my website, so as new links are added, they'll be on that page.

With that out of the way...

So my word counters have been pretty, well, static for the last few days. Why? Because I haven't written anything. I can't say the last few days have been unproductive, though. First round edits for A.J.'s Angel came down the pipeline, as did the galley copy for the print version of Nine-tenths of the Law. So, naturally, that kept me busy for a bit.

I also needed to go back and revamp Static. Turns out I had the story all wrong, but after three new versions, I think I've got it. I'll be starting that new version today. Hopefully I've got it right, or at least closer to it. Either way, my word counter will probably be all over the place while I shuffle around old material and add new. I'm really excited about this story. With any luck, I'll stay that way.

Now to get some caffeine in my system, wake up a little, and get to work.

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