Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Mancandy - Denim Shirts & Jackets

Yes, I like denim shirts and jackets. Sue me. So, here's a Friday Mancandy entry devoted entirely to shirts and jackets made of denim and denim-like material. Just because.

Since a friend has recently gotten me hooked on Southland, it seems only appropriate to include the NOM NOM NOM-worthy Kevin Alejandro...
...even if (SPOILER) he isn't on the show anymore. (/SPOILER)

And speaking of the beautiful men of Southland...
I loves me some Ben McKenzie.

Moving right along, here's a more familiar face for my loyal blog minions. I don't care if the jacket needs to be teleported back to the 1980s. It's on Joaquin, and therefore it's on this blog.
James McAvoy also likes some denim on the top half...
As does Colin Farrell...
I don't even know if this is actually denim, but it's an excuse to post a pic of Gerard Butler:
Another might-be-denim-might-not-but-who-really-cares shirt, this time on Jared Leto:
How about another look, this time without the sunglasses?
Speaking of Letos...

And the following picture contains absolutely no denim at all, but it serves two purposes:

1. To give my loyal blog minions a sneak peek at the next installment of Friday Mancandy.
2. To make Misa's head explode.
Stay tuned for more mancandy, Japanistan pictures, and updates of the writerly variety.


  1. I have no head. Biiiiiiiike.

    God, he looks good in that suit. But better out of it... *drools*

  2. JARED. *drool*

    I just recently watched Mr. Nobody and what can I say? I love him even more now *__*

  3. OMG, is Mr Nobody not the most amazing film?? I loved it, and if I hadn't been crazy about Jared before I saw it, I would be now.

    Lori, who can't seem to log in properly on my damned iPhone