Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whew, I think I'm caught up.

Back when I still worked in salt mines -- er, cubicle farms -- I learned quite a few indisputable truths. Fluorescent lights and migraines do not mix. The last hour on Friday afternoon is three times longer than any other hour, and that extra time is taken out of Sunday evenings. The phone will always ring right when someone gets to the good part of a joke, anecdote, or piece of juicy gossip.

And...the worst part about going on vacation is coming back to that mammoth pile of work that makes you wonder why the hell you ever thought it was a good idea to leave in the first place. It is there that my current job is both similar to and the opposite of those periods of indentured servitude. I mean, my previous jobs.

I've reached a point with my writing where it's becoming a demanding job. (And I love it, love it, LOVE IT) There are deadlines (plural! How cool is that!). There are edits, galley copies, and forms. So, it came as no surprise when, while I was on vacation with my parents over the last couple of weeks, the work didn't exactly go into suspended animation. Edits came in for two books due out this summer. A galley copy wandered through. A completed-but-unedited manuscript did not, in spite of my pleas, edit itself.

And it was ALL still waiting when I sat down at my desk to return to my usual work schedule. It's taken three solid days to get caught up, but you know what? I couldn't be happier. I fucking love this job, and even when I'm up to my ass in work, and I can't wander off to do something more fun (like actual writing), I wouldn't trade it for the world. Any of it.

So, now that I'm caught up with edits and paperwork, I get to jump back into the really fun stuff. I'm currently outlining a couple of books, and haven't yet settled on which one I'm working on next. I'll Show You Mine is one I'd started before vacation, but I've got a couple of others that are being seriously vocal, so it might have to wait a little while. Looks like I'm going to dip into some different subgenres fairly soon instead of just contemporary romances, so keep an eye out for updates when I finish and sell those.

Now...back to work! But first, here's some Leto loveliness:

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