Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winds of Change

So as we go into our last year on Okinawa, it's time for orders. We were hoping to stay overseas, but my husband was advised to take a shore duty billet back in the States for this tour, then apply for overseas again when that tour's over.

So...that's what he did. And the verdict is...



Actually, we ARE excited about it. Not because cornfields are all that exciting, but we'll be back on the mainland, which will be a nice switch. More road trips. Day trips up to the Badlands to take pictures. Exploring some areas of the country we've only driven through. Tornado-chasing. I'll miss the hell out of Okinawa, but this will be fun too. Especially because...most isn't Norfolk. I do believe I'd have screamed if we'd gotten orders back to Norfolk.

Now, what about the blog? Naturally, it will remain active. Pictures will obviously have a different look about them, but I'll still be blogging about our adventures and shenanigans. And writing, since I'll still be doing that full-time.

For now, though, we have 8 months left on Okinawa, and we fully intend to live it up. Expect loads of Okinawa (and mainland Japan!) pics soon, plus we'll hopefully be getting our Japan tattoos in the next couple of months.

And Nebraska.


  1. Heidi Cullinan's latest, Nowhere Ranch, is set in Nebraska!

    I love the Black Hills.

  2. Uh-oh. Children of the Corn! Children of the Corn! *creepy children chanting to the sway of the corn* :p

  3. Nebraska? In the middle of the country? Where the hell do you park an aircraft carrier in Nebraska?

    Yes, I know, there are naval air stations and recruiting stations and for some mysterious reason naval units attached to air force bases. Still I don't associate Nebraska with the Navy experience.

    Take lots of pictures of trees before you move, because there ain't no trees in Nebraska. I drove through it one summer and saw miles and miles of wheat fields and corn fields with not a tree in sight. Though prairie dogs are worth a squee.

  4. Chris -- I've been to the Black Hills in SD, but this will be my first time going to NE.

    Persephone - LOL

    Diana - Yeah, it's a joint base. He'll be working security at an Air Force base I think. And yes, I will totally miss the trees. Especially the palm trees...