Friday, June 24, 2011

Update: Sayonara, Okinawa

Well, my loyal blog minions, you can anticipate a lot of pictures from out and about on Okinawa over the next few months, because the countdown has officially begun: We have our orders to Nebraska. My husband reports for duty in mid-December, so we'll most likely be leaving the island sometime in November.

Now, what will happen to this blog? Not a damned thing. We're merely moving our base of adventure operations to another place -- probably the middle of a cornfield or something -- and, as soon as we're settled in, we'll commence causing chaos and mayhem in the American midwest.

But between now and then, we still have like five castles left to explore, a bunch of snorkel spots we haven't visited, and plenty of undersea creatures to pester. That, and I haven't seen a Habu yet. Must remedy this...

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