Monday, June 13, 2011

Updates of the Writerly Kind

So it's been a crazy couple of months on the writing front. Lots going on, and lots more coming down the pipe.

Though I'm about 18,000 words into it, I'm putting Starstruck on hold again. That book simply requires more headspace than I can give it right now, since I've got a few other books that have deadlines attached, which makes them uber-distracting. So it's going on the back burner, but it is not going away.

I'm dipping my toes into Steampunk with Noble Metals, my current WIP, as well as a not-yet-titled novella that I'll probably be tackling in August. Then there's Search Me, which will follow Cover Me and Trust Me, plus a third book in the Light Switch series. With a little luck and some nose to the grindstone, all of those and an additional untitled novella will be knocked out before I move in October.

And speaking of series, my vampire/werewolf series is officially titled Tooth & Claw, and the first book, The Given & The Taken, will be released in January from Samhain Publishing.

A lot on my plate? Oh, God, yes. But I like it like this. I never get bored! That, and this will get me ahead of the game so that when I'm in the process of moving back to the States -- and most likely not writing nearly as much as I'd like to -- I won't end up falling behind.

Now all I have to do is keep all those other plot bunnies sedated so they don't drop more bright shiny new ideas in my head between now and October. Because, OMG, the last thing I need right now is a new idea.

So anyway, expect some more Okinawa blogs soon, as well as writing updates and hopefully another comic on Marginally Unhinged in the next week or so. And I haven't done a Friday Mancandy blog in entirely too long, so expect some smexy picture goodness soon.

For now, I'll leave you with a little bit of Shannon Leto...

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