Sunday, July 17, 2011

My spidey senses told me this would be a good day.

So we decided to take a friend to Nakagusuku Castle yesterday. I've been there probably half a dozen times, but I'd been meaning to go again anyway to refresh my memory, since there's a scene in Conduct Unbecoming that takes place at the castle. We packed up the cameras, braved the heat, and wandered into the castle.
That's about the point when the first bit of ADD struck. Eddie realized he'd picked up a little passenger on his camera lens.
Moving right along, we marveled at the view from the castle walls, checked out the archways, and-- OOH! DISTRACTION!

Now would be a good time for the extreme arachnophobes to click away.


Because this is what we saw next:
Admittedly, they really don't seem like much.
I mean, they're just spiders, right?
A creepy, spindly spider...
And not just one, either. They were freaking everywhere.
Wait. Did I say they were little?
Sorry. I misled you.
They weren't:
I know, right? They're freaking huge.
Now, when a girl happens along some gigantic freaking spiders...
...what ever is she to do?
Clearly, there's only one thing she can do.
Break out the macro lens and get all up in its face.
At which point she might inadvertently photograph a, shall we say, intimate moment between the female spider and her tiny, barely visible male partner.
Next up: Pics from Nakijin Castle.

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